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Commercial Applications

Marduk Blue works with labs such as the University of South Australia's Empathic Computing to create applications which are able to analyze and integrate with existing EEG technology. This allows us to adapt to the users mental state making applications extremely versatile tools to aid in training, medical and psychological research.


Mixed Reality offers the ability to train and prepare staff in new and cost effective ways. It grants the ability to have training held at a central location, removing expense for remote site visits or for large expensive in house procedures. Examples include

  • Surgery Training - VR training of surgeons improves proficiency for their first 10 surgeries in this study.

  • Manufacturing - By superimposing components over work, it is possible to reduce the need for templates and other instructions to improve accuracy of workers.

  • Manufacturing VR/AR - This study shows VR is effective on new trainees, but improvement falls with experienced technicians. AR as a Quality Checking device still remains useful and improves production.

  • Boeing Productivity - Boeing finds AR training increases accuracy by 90% and speed by 30% for first time assembly of parts by new technicians.

Tours and Inductions

Onsite tours and inductions require additional staff and take significant time and organization to arrange. With the use of Augmented Reality it is possible to allow users to self-tour, perform inductions and to re-view any information again later as required. These tours can range in complication, from image or object recognition based tours which require users to scan objects to receive information to head mounted displays which can create full 3D characters to escort a visitor around the facility.


Mixed Reality is an excellent tool for any tasks which require accurate visualization, allowing users to interact or view life size models of environments or objects. These objects may

  • Be moved at will

  • Remain stationary while the user moves around them

  • Be intractable, for example changing the color or patterns of an object.

  • Be rotated and resized

  • Have AI behavior


Augmented Reality is moving very quickly into the sales space and is an excellent way to drive sales online, or draw customers into physical stores. Key examples of this include IKEA Place which allows users to place virtual furniture around their house before they buy it and the clothing store TopShop's app which allows users to try on clothing in store as they walk past. 

These kinds of attractions not only have the potential to increase the chance of a sale but also act as attractions to draw customers to your store.


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