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Rapid Prototyping

Marduk Blue has a cross platform development approach which allows it to rapidly create functional prototype applications. This allows companies which are investigating or expanding into Mixed Reality to have something tangible for stakeholders in as little as a week depending on task complexity.

R&D Tangible Results

An advantage that Marduk Blue's rapid prototyping offers over other options is that at the end of the process, clients will have access to a software build which they can use to demo to company stakeholders or clients, giving physical proof of their dedication to innovation and adaption to new technologies.


Marduk Blue develops with these features in mind. However pricing will depend on amount and complexity of each feature required.

  • Image & Object Recognition

  • Saving AR environments

  • Cloud Computing

  • AI

  • Peripheral Devices

  • Brain Computer Interfaces

  • Augmented & Vitual Reality

  • Monetisation of Products

  • Multi-User AR

Innovation Focused Pricing

Marduk Blue offers low priced prototype development for several reasons

  • We are confident that our work will have you coming back

  • It allows us to build relationships with clients ensuring we work well together

  • It allows clients to experiment in Mixed Reality without having to take large risks

  • It makes Mixed Reality accessible to many more people

  • We genuinely enjoy bringing peoples ideas to life


Marduk Blue currently develops for these devices and platforms and is always keen to work on new equipment.

  • Apple - Tablet and Phone

  • Android - Tablet and Phone

  • Microsoft HoloLens

  • Windows Mixed Reality 

  • Steam Virtual Reality

  • Meta 2


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