Ideas to reality

Through mixed reality software.

Marduk Blue is an Adelaide based software development company specialising in Augmented and Mixed Reality for small and medium businesses.


Commercial Applications

Integrating systems into augmented reality devices, allows users hands free access to any data on the go. From architectural blueprints to facial recognition overlays, Marduk Blue can deliver the future of worker intelligence to you.

Research Applications

Using our experience and knowledge creating testing software and our interactions with research scientists we are able to create immersive, to-specification environments within the confines of a laboratory. This gives researchers integration of task and data collection in a combined approach reducing research expenditure and allowing more time spent on research activities.

Rapid Prototyping

With a cross platform development approach it allows us to rapidly create functional prototypes applications. This allows companies which are investigating into expanding into Mixed Reality to have something tangible for stakeholders in as little as a week.


We have skills and passion for making games which allows us to create more enjoyable experiences for our end-users. This also enables Marduk Blue to use our experiences learned from gamification of software to push this technology in new and exciting directions.


Getting Started in VR & AR

What is AR & VR?

Augmented Reality focuses on adding digital information to real world environments allowing full interaction with the world, while Virtual Reality creates entirely self-contained applications. Depending on your requirements, solutions can use one or both of these in creating fully immersive digital experiences on headsets and mobile devices.

VR & AR for Training

Virtual Reality supplies a valuable link between theoretical and practical learning, where trainees can learn physically and without the cost of simulators or full-scale equipment. Augmented Reality supplies overlays on equipment to allow for step by step guides in 3D space allowing recruits to complete tasks faster and with more accuracy. This is also excellent for rolling out alongside new pieces of equipment to allow for experienced technicians in the field to prepare for new equipment before it arrives.

VR & AR for Research and Medicine

VR and AR have very strong use cases for medicine as a tool for distraction in pain reduction or to allow a patient to undergo uncomfortable procedures. They may also be used to motivate physical rehabilitation through gamification, making repetitive painful tasks less of a burden on patients and physicians.


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